How to create an IP Pool in VMware vCenter 5.5 web client

Today I was working with a customer to get VMware vCenter Operation Manager installed. Before you can get started, an IP Pool needs to created. VMware vApps need IP Pools created. Not having worked very often with the vCenter web client, finding where to create the IP pool was not as evident as I would have liked. This is why I am writing this micro blog.

What IP Pools are and why they are needed have been covered hundreds of times by people with much more knowledge of VMware than myself. According to VMware’s documentation.  “An IP pool is a network configuration that is assigned to a network used by a vApp. The vApp can then leverage vCenter Server to automatically provide an IP configuration to its virtual machines”

The goal of this blog is to quickly demonstrate how to find and create the IP pool in the new vCenter web client, which according to me was not really evident.

Launch the web client.

Go to the Datacenters Tab



Click on the Manage tabvmware-ippool2-1cloudroad


Click on the little + signvmware-ippool3-1cloudroad


Almost there.vmware-ippool4-1cloudroad


I think you can figure it out from here 🙂vmware-ippool5-1cloudroad