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While at HP Discover in Las Vegas this week I had the opportunity to be featured  on HP Discover Performance Weekly with Paul Muller, VP, HP Software, and Christian Verstraete, chief cloud technologist for HP. The topic of conversation “Are your applications ready for the cloud” or as Paul states “Cover your Apps” Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment on your thoughts or experiences with your application transformation journey!

Christian has recently posted and has certainly made the case lately for applications in the cloud. I have listed them below for your reading pleasure;

  • Why would you move your applications to the cloud?
    Using cloud computing implies upfront planning. First the definition of where each application goes and where the associated data is located, should be established. Then it becomes a job of data lifecycle and data integration. So, when you decide to move to cloud, make sure you do a thorough planning upfront to avoid issues at a later stage. It will help you be successful, reduce IT costs, improve flexibility and responsiveness and address the needs of the business.
  •  From application modernization to continuous update.
    Application modernization is not an expensive exercise you are doomed to execute every five years. It can be the starting point of a continuous update. And that is where you’ll get the best benefits. Interested in understanding how such transformation journey happens, listen to how you can experience such transformation journey and understand what lays ahead of you.
  •  If it is cloud, it will be hybrid
    What I described to you is a hybrid cloud environment. The nature of the applications, the confidentiality of the data and integration requirements will force you to think that way. No, enterprises are not ready for hosting everything in the public cloud. Even worse, it will take a long time before all applications have migrated to cloud environments. So, sorry for that CTO, I don’t buy his argument, do you?

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