Canada’s Cyberspace Unsafe?

Cyber warfare report calls Canada’s preparedness into question (complete article URL Below)

Looks like Canada’s “We love everyone and we’re everybody’s friend” image is coming under fire. What? Can this be true? Our Canadian cyberspace not safe?

I came across this article the other day which brought about an eerie feeling to say the least. I often question Canada’s strategy when it comes to being ready against a massive cyber attack. Is our sensitive data really secure? Does the typical citizen know that they are at risk? Why would they? I have often heard. “Why would anyone want to attack Canada?  This article is rather alarming. I think this is where the “better safe than sorry” analogy should be adopted. Canada is spending a fraction compared to other countries. In the article the UK is the reference point. Here is the breakdown for all of us.

Canadian Population in 2012= 35 million
Canada spending on preparing for a cyberspace attack = $95 million
UK Population in 2012= 62 million
UK spending on preparing for a cyberspace attack = 650 million pounds
Let’s do the math.
650 million British Pounds = approximately 1 Billion CAD – $1,000,000,000

Per Capita Breakdown
UK spending ~ $15.40 per person
Canada spending ~ $2.71 per person

Anything wrong with this picture?

Looks like Canada is not as concerned as the UK and as the article states USA, when it comes to protecting their country’s cyberspace. Maybe it’s time to pay more attention and consider putting more emphasis on locking down our IT and the sensitive data it hosts. Last I checked Canadians pay enough taxes.

Read the entire article here.

Thank you.