Building your Private Cloud – Plane not included!

VMware vCloud Director is a software solution that enables enterprises to build multi-tenant private clouds by pooling infrastructure resources into “virtual data centers” and exposing them to users through web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as a fully-automated, catalogue-based service. By building secure and cost-effective private clouds, internal IT can achieve the benefits of cloud computing without the risks – IT becomes a service provider for the business, driving innovation and agility, while increasing datacenter efficiency and enhancing security. VMware provides an evolutionary path to cloud computing, leveraging existing investments and maintaining flexibility to extend capacity between clouds.


  1. Multi tenancy: Easily manage shared IT environments through completely isolated, multi-tenant “organizations” and virtual data centers
  2. Self-service, rapid provisioning: Quickly provision VMs at the click of a button and provide self-service to end users, line of business owners, or administrators
  3. Elastic computing: Enable a fully elastic computing cloud with DRS for VMs with highly variable resource requirements
  4. Further consolidation: Pool physical resources on the back-end into a few highly efficient provider VDCs and share physical resources between organizations and users by providing business owners with organization VDCs.


Standardization: Think about it carefully. Admins spend countless hours manually creating virtual machines. We are in 2012 guys…We should not be booting our servers via CD-ROM. Automate that lengthily process..Windows ISO, Windows Patches, IIS, etc…

Standardize your big hitters..Allow your developers to access a self-service portal where they could check-in and check out their QA/DEV/TESTING Infrastructure. Typically companies are taking this approach with their application lifecycle from design to deployment AKA Microsoft Visual Studio Why not apply the same methodology when provisioning your infrastructure. This will allow a common development platform reducing margin of error when migrating into production. Deliver standardized infrastructure and application services in a central catalog and simplify troubleshooting, patching, and change management by deploying from vApp templates and minimizing variation allowing your company to leverage the Public Cloud in order to extend or support its internal Private Cloud.

Feel free to visit the VMware Montreal User Group Post Event presentation from David Lefebvre focussing on the benefits of creating your Private Cloud!




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