Microsoft Azure and AWS open their Canadian Datacenters

Datacenter of Dreams – if you build it, they will come!


Build the Data Center and They Will Come

This year the undisputed leaders in Public Cloud have taken the leap of faith and established their public data centers in Canada. AWS and Microsoft Azure have officially announced their next data center locations. Canada has made the cut! Having spent the last 20 years in IT, I am confident in saying that Canadian businesses have not been so “enthusiastic” of moving to a public cloud offering. There are many reasons which could attribute to a slow adoption, but prefer to leave that debate out of this blog. However with the advents of SAAS, IAAS, and PAAS over the last few years the “Cloud” in Canada and specifically for Canadian businesses is a reality more than ever.



It’s Official Microsoft Azure now available in Canada!

Microsoft has officially opened their data centers in the following regions. As of May 10 the official press release from Microsoft advised that Microsoft Azure was publicly available from local data centers in Toronto and Quebec City.

Here is a list of the services available at the various Azure Data Centers

What does this mean for Canadian Businesses?

Of course this is my opinion, however this demonstrates a major mind shift in corporate strategy. Security is probably the main concern when it comes to leveraging public cloud infrastructure. This shift in culture will continue to grow and Public Cloud adoption as we have seen in many technology leading countries continues to grow. Don’t take my word for it. See this IDC report.

IDC-IT-Infrastructure Public Cloud 1CloudRoad

source: IDC

Data Residency vs Data Sovereignty

2 important factors when dealing Public Cloud providers. When talking to all customers this topic comes up almost every time.

Data Residency

Definition source

“Data residency refers to the physical or geographic location of an organization’s data or information. Similar to data sovereignty, data residency also refers to the legal or regulatory requirements imposed on data based on the country or region in which it resides.”

Data Sovereignty

Definition source

“Data sovereignty is the concept that information which has been converted and stored in binary digital form is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located.”



AWS in Canada – Coming Soon to a Canadian City Near You

For AWS although 2016 is the year they launch in Canada, we have yet to hear an official launch date. According to this, diagram below, Montreal is “Coming Soon”. The most recent press release mentions Montreal, but nothing further. If anyone has more info, please don’t hesitate to send it my way.


AWS Global Map-1CloudRoad



Feature Image Pic of Igloo and Canadian Flag


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