Are you looking for a Video Conferencing Solution

Why Your Company Needs Video Conferencing Now

Your company may rely on audio or web conferencing for meetings, so why make the switch to video? Video communication technologies have the potential to enhance collaboration, but it seems like something is always in the way. Is video too unreliable? Hard to use? Expensive? Hard to set up? Over the next couple of days, myself and a couple of Indie Bloggers, will discuss how institutions can overcome these roadblocks to begin leveraging advanced video collaboration.

Audio conferencing has been the backbone in the industry and its simplicity is the one of the key drivers. Can Video Conferencing replace the face to face meeting and allow people to build a human connection or will it be another technology that will sit in your boardroom?

Over the next week, we will be providing a closer look at LifeSize’s Video Collaboration technology. Feel free to visit the 1Cloudroad Dashboard to get our take on Video collaboration and Lifesize’s technology!