4 Things you Need to Know About GE Predix

GE's cloud platform is looking to change the way people, machines and data interact with one-another

Recently, General Electric (GE) has been making efforts to redefine itself in the marketplace. All signs are pointing towards the gigantic conglomerate becoming a software focused enterprise with the launch of GE Digital last year. The product that GE is investing in to become the core of this transformation is GE Predix  – GE’s own platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for the Industrial Internet of Things. Up until recently, there were few specific details about what exactly Predix does, but now it is clear that GE expects this platform to operationalize the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) for its customers.

Here is what you need to know about GE Predix.

1. Based on Cloud Foundry

GE Predix is GE’s own Cloud Foundry distribution, tweaked and optimized to “power the industrial internet of things.” It is no surprise that GE selected Cloud Foundry as the foundation for Predix. In addition to Cloud Foundry being the leading open source PaaS project, GE also has an ownership stake in Pivotal – the creators of the project. GE recently participated in Pivotal’s series C financing round of $253 million with Ford, Microsoft, EMC and VMware.  

2. It’s an Ecosystem

To start, GE has built a catalog of industrial internet application on top of Predix that they make available to their users. Today the catalog includes connectivity solutions, data management applications, security applications and analytics applications which have been built and contributed by various divisions of GE as well as some partner organizations. In addition the catalog, Predix provides all of the tooling and documentation required for organizations to build their own modern, scalable industrial IoT applications for internal consumption or to be published to the marketplace.

3. It’s all About the Data

While Predix provides a platform to more simply and securely connect machines and people, the business value is in the data and analysis that it enables. Predix provides a suite of analytics services and data services that allows organizations to collect and analyze their machine data in real time, ultimately allowing them to make decisions faster.

4. Natively Cloud Native

Predix is designed to promote modern application architecture best practices including standard cloud native characteristics like microservices, APIs and containers. The platform provides tools that lend themselves to DevOps and continuous integration/delivery, including re-usable “microservice building blocks” and the use of familiar programming languages and tools.  

Looking forward: The Adoption of Predix

It is still early to speculate on how widespread the adoption of GE’s new technology will be, but the platform does have some characteristics that should ease adoption for organizations looking to get more intelligence out of their industrial equipment.

  • Predix is built on an open platform, reducing the risk of vendor lock-in. This aligns nicely with the market trend towards open technologies.
  • Predix makes use of several non-proprietary tools that are familiar to today’s modern development shops. Predix’s catalog is stocked with common technologies including Cloudfoundry, PostreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Logstash and many more.
  • Predix is a platform that provides tooling for end-to-end IoT/Big Data solutions from the edge to the cloud infrastructure layer. This could provide the quick start organizations need to operationalize their industrial IoT strategies.

Geoff Sullivan @sullivg2

Geoff Sullivan is a Cloud Computing Evangelist and resident blogger for 1CloudRoad. He is passionate about open source technology, hoppy beers, travel and the outdoors. He has spent the last two years helping companies get their products to market, leveraging the power of cloud computing.

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