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First of all I would like to welcome the newest members of the 1Cloudroad Content Network. Over the last couple of months we have made significant progress and have added 10+ Industry bloggers to the platform. Our next objective is to redesign the homepage to showcase our message. With over 35+ Indie bloggers and 10k+ Impressions per day I believe the message is getting across to the community. The 1CloudRoad Content Network recommends your content to a diverse network of engaged communities around the web, bringing new readers to your site. Leverage our community of bloggers and showcase your blogs via the 1CR Partner Widget.


Expose To Millions


So lets review the enhancements to the 1Cloudroad Partner Widget. When logged in to 1Cloudroad, PW Customizer allows the blogger the ability to customize the widget for his/her blog. We have included several color and layout choices which can be viewed real-time in the dashboard before extracting the code for your site.






Key Points addressed with Release 1.0

  • Allow PW to be customized- Size, Colour, Layout

    Now you could customize the look and feel of the widget allowing it to be installed;

  1. On your Sidebar – Allowing readers to view the PW everytime they visit your blog regardless of the post they read. (Vertical)
  2. Bellow the blog post – Allowing the readers to see the PW when they read a specific blog on your site (Horizontal)
  • My Picks Section


    My Picks allows the blogger to customize the blogs they want to display on their widget. Think of it as a dynamic Blog Roll. Instead of inserting a static link-back to your favorite bloggers, you choose the bloggers within the network and dynamically display their most current blogs. This feature is controlled by the”Widget Users”  (Filter by Users) and “Widget Categories” (Filter by Category)

    If your fellow Indie Bloggers are not part of the network, feel free to refer them to the Signup Section so they to could be included in the Widget Users List.

  • Partner Widget Analytics

Get visibility, measure the reach, and evaluate user engagement. Once you have customized your widget and inserted the code on your blog, you will be assigned a Publisher Key. You can then visit the 1Cloudroad PW Analytics section to view your statistics. 

1CR_PWAnalyticsSo make sure to Login into the 1Cloudroad Dashboard and customize your Partner Widget. We have seen a definate improvement on click ratio and have received postive feedback from bloggers that have cutomized it. We are open to comments and suggestions, please feel free to ping us to discuss.

Enjoy and be social.






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