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I want to begin by saying we appreciate all your support. We are happy to say that 1CloudRoad is growing in contributors, daily engagement and our partner widget is busier than ever. Hope you like the new 1Cloudroad Homepage Look and Feel!

For this blog, I would like to focus on a new feature that has been recently added to the 1Cloudroad Social Media Framework –

The Social Submission Engine automatically promotes your blogs via 1CR social networks every time you post a new blog. The goal is to raise the amount of favorites and re-tweets a blog gets and most importantly keeping the social activity pertinent. Leverage the 1Cloudroad Community and grow your reach! Follow your favorite bloggers and get alerted when they release a new blog.


Social Submission Engine

Most of you received our email a few weeks ago about 1CloudRoad becoming more social with the help of Tweet notifications when new blogs were released throughout the content network. The feature worked better than we thought, however it created more noise than we anticipated. Based on the feedback we have modified the code, and enhanced the experience! As a contributor you now have the ability to arbitrarily turn on or off the blog and/or bloggers you want to follow.

Default Setting : OFF

We encourage all of you to go in to the 1CloudRoad Dashboard to set this up. Choose the contributors / bloggers you want to follow.

This is how to set this up.

  • Browse to http://www.1cloudroad.com/login
  • Once logged in to dashboard, please go to the PW Social Tab on the left.
  • You will see a list of all contributors on the 1CR Content Network.
  • Choose the contributors and hit the save button
  • You are done!


Be sure to login frequently to check your stats as well as add more contributors as we are adding contributors and sponsors daily!


In-Depth – How it Works

Social Syndication Engine – SSE

  1. A blog is published by a blogger on the 1CR network
  2. The blog is posted on the 1CR site and posted to the 1CR Partner Widget.
  3. The 1CR SSE checks to see which 1CR followers are following the blog publisher/contributor
  4. Those followers will be notified that their fellow community member has published a blog
  5. As a publisher you will receive a tweet every time a group of notification tweets are pushed (the more followers you have, the more tweets you will receive)
  6. As a follower you will only receive 1 tweet per blog post published on the network by a fellow blogger you follow.

Sorry if it sounds complicated. It really isn’t 🙂

The goal of this is to help raise awareness when fellow community members are posting blogs. We hope to raise the amount of favorites and re-tweets a blog gets and most of all keeping the social activity pertinent.

Coming Soon – PW Social Analytics.
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