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Over the last year the 1Cloudroad team has been blogging on Cloud related topics including  SDN, Virtualization, Big Data, IAAS, DAAS, Disaster Recovery, and list goes on..Throughout the year Luigi and I have taken part in several IT Industry events including HP Discover North America and Europe, HP Global Partner Conference, Cloud Expo, INTEROP and VMworld. These events has allowed us to meet and network with the IT Industry’s celebrities and Industry bloggers. Blogging is a passion and our portal going forward will allow us not only to showcase our passion but showcase our fellow IT bloggers and celebrities passions.

Today we are proud to announce several new members to the 1Cloudroad team and several new contributors to the 1Cloudroad.com dashboard. The vision has not changed, we still plan to provide our readers the latest news and information related to the IT industry however in addition we will be Curating Cloud Content . The goal is to provide a singles pane of glass view to our readers on everything cloud. Essentially making 1Cloudroad.com your one stop shop for IT information.

I would like to highlight a couple of key features we have added to the dashboard;

  • Industry Event Side Bar – We are mining cloud big data relating to industry events and showcasing them on the side bar of the page. In this case the targeted Industry event is “HP Discover”, which is showcased below. Cloud Expo and IBM EDGE to follow!












  • Partner Spotlight Section – In this section we are curating blogs from Indie Bloggers – AKA “Contributors”. Once again allowing our readers to get their information in one place











  • Mobile Friendly – We have changed the theme, colors and icons to allow for a more mobile friendly look and feel. Seamless experience whether you are on a computer or on a mobile device. 

Once again, thank you to our 5000 unique monthly visitors for making 1Cloudroad.com your one stop shop for IT information. We will continue improving the site and our content curation engine in order to achieve our goal. As mentioned above, we are focused and dedicated to making 1Cloudroad.com your one stop shop for cloud big data!

Enjoy – Be social and share!



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