1CloudRoad 3.0 – Welcome our Newest Authors & Contributors

We would like to dedicate this blog to the newest authors & contributors of 1CloudRoad. Continuing with our mission statement, 1CloudRoad has evolved from a typical blog site to a “Content Network” curating fresh and syndicated content and material from some of IT’s thought leaders. “For Professionals, by Professionals”. Most of these thought leaders currently blog on their own site. Also important to note, is that many of the thought leaders who share through the 1CR Content Network, often attend and cover industry events. The goal of 1CloudRoad is to provide IT professionals a single stop for latest IT technology trends, news and most importantly; comments and opinions on what is hot and what is not in today fast paced IT world.

Here is a list of our newest 1CloudRoad authors & contributors. For more information on each individual, please visit the Authors and Contributors pages of our website. We also encourage you to visit their site (if they have one) to learn more about what they have to offer.

Newest Authors

Martin MacLeod
Vice President – Solutions Engineer
Twitter: @martinmacleod

Newest Contributors

Hans De Leenheer
Independent Technology Blogger and Rental Evangelist
Twitter: @hansdeleeneer

Lillian Pierson
Spatial Data Scientist & Data Analytics Engineer
Twitter: @LillianPierson

Florent Tastet
Virtualization Solution Architect
Twitter: @SCCYUL

Chris Wahl
President and Owner, Wahl Network
Twitter: @chriswahl

Richard Buckle
Founder Pyalla Technologies, LLC
Twitter: @richardbuckle
http://www.itug-connection.blogspot.com/ & http://pyalla-technologies.com

Diego Cárdenas
Twitter: @compuhombre
http://mipagina.univision.com/compuhombre & http://tutecnologia.com/

Bart Heungens
Converged Infrastructure Specialist
Twitter: @bartheungens

Enrico Signoretti
Experienced IT Consultant and Passionate Blogger
Twitter: @esignoretti

Aaron Paxson
Global Network Operations Manager
Twitter: @neelixx

Philip Sellers
Senior-level Systems Administrator
Twitter: @pbsellers

Edward Haletky
Author and Technologist
Twitter: @texiwill

Yves Mulkers
Business Intelligence Professional
Twitter: @yvesmulkers

John Obeto
CEO & Chief Technology Officer at Logikworx
Twitter: @johnobeto

Justin Pirie
SaaS and Cloud Product Management Specialist
Twitter: @justinpirie

Timothy Michael Crawford
Twitter: @timcrawford

Be sure to follow 1CloudRoad on any one of your favorite social networks. Our content network continues to grow. Our experts and professionals are here to share their insight with you. Be social and share our stories with your peers, colleagues and friends. We hope you make 1CloudRoad one of your daily checkpoints for your important IT and Cloud knowledge!

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