10 Data Center Predictions For 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

One of my new year’s resolution is to keep a constant blog schedule going. So here goes…
Starting off the year with a great article from CRN.com. Looking into our IT crystal ball, these are what some experts are predicting for 2012. (The link below will bring you to the complete article.)

Here is the summary:
1. VDI Coming, But Switching Between Corporate And Personal
2. 40-Gbit Ethernet The New Baseline Networking
3. ARM And Atom: Server Power Consumption To Go On A Diet
4. Power Saving? Green? Take Your Pick
5. More Virtualized Appliances
6. Data Center Spending To Shift: Bigger, More Virtualization
7. Data Center Numbers? More, And Less…
8. More Smaller Data Centers
9. Data Center Spending To Blossom
10. Clouds Will Take Over The Data Center

You can read the entire article here.





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