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Gartner’s 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016 – Summarized

Last month Gartner officially released its top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016. Below is a summarized list. I paraphrased and summarized it for the sake of quicker consumption. Gartner believes that these tech trends will

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1CloudRoad Will Be Back Soon!

Hi Everyone. 1CloudRoad is going through some maintenance and getting a facelift. Please remain patient. We will be back on in the next couple of weeks! In the meantime, we thought we would tell you

VMware VSOM – The Musical

What is VSOM? AKA – vSphere with Operations Management.  vSphere with Operations Management offers a more intuitive user interface than vCenter Server and improves monitoring capabilities by adding predictive analytics to help with faster problem

HP Helion Openstack 1.1 – Cloud Operating System

HP Helion OpenStack is an open, flexible, scalable, and highly-available cloud computing platform based on the trunk version of OpenStack technology. As most of us are aware ,Open Source Software are typically complex and difficult

Break the Internet and Change the World

Find some friends, create a mission, disrupt the status quo, make your voice heard and Break the Internet with passion!

HP Discover 2015 LAS – Are You Attending?

Reaching out to existing HP customers or customers who are thinking of transitioning to HP technology, HP Discover is a must attend. HP Discover is the ultimate technology event where thousands of IT professionals, gather

Stop Spending on IT, Start Investing in IT

Companies struggle to find dollars to spend on innovation. Some might say that this is an obvious and common theme stemming from a poor economy over the last few years. I would definitely agree, however I wanted to point it out and address it in my own way.

BigData and Cloud aren’t just for Large Enterprises

I really like this statement in Luigi’s latest blog which BTW was featured in HP’s Grounded to the Cloud Blog. Traditionally IT vendors would sell their hardware and software solutions to the CIO, and anyone else

HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC – StoreVirtual or EVO:RAIL

Since the introduction of EVO:RAIL at VMworld there has been a lot of hype. Although Hyper-Converged has been around for a while with companies like Nutanix and SimpliVity, VMware EVO:RAIL has been getting a lot

Big Data: All about the Use Case

IT looks at Big Data in one way. IT looks at it from a strategic, user experience and perhaps a more analytical way to solve technology related issues. Albeit the concepts and underlying technology are the same, however the use of Big Data is completely different between IT and the lines of business. Sales, Marketing, Finance and HR will look at Big Data in a different way than how IT would look at Big Data.